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FCCI - Representative List of Studies and Papers

FCCI has been at the forefront in addressing issues that are "off the beaten" track in many respects. The studies undertaken by FCCI trustees, covering a broad range of subjects, have often brought forth innovative ideas and new concepts. While some of FCCI work has contributed in great measure to landmark policy changes, others have initiated serious discussions both within India and among NRI & PIO community.

Some of the papers, studies and publications of FCCI are:

  • Civic Responsibility and Ethics in India
  • FCCI book launch
  • The Transfer of Technology to India and the Role of Non-Resident India
  • The Transfer of Capital and the Role of Non-Resident Indians
  • Framework for the Future-a Case for a new Constitution for India
  • Voting Rights for Indians living abroad in Indian Parliament and State Legislature and their Parliament and State Legislature and their Representation in Indian Parliament
  • A case for a new comprehensive Indian Tax Act governing Non-Resident Indians
  • Some Aspects of Voting Rights and Nationality of Indians living abroad
  • Basis of Indian Unity
  • Dangers to Unity of India
  • The Punjab Problem
  • India in the Year 2001 - A Political Scenario
  • India in the Year 2001 - An Economical Scenario
  • Commemorative volume: 50 years of Indo-Dutch co-operation
  • Foundation for Critical Choices for India: A Quarter Century of Service to India


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