What is FCCI

  • Foundation for Critical Choices for India is an independent, Secular non-commercial, non-partisan, think tank
  • FCCI was founded in 1980 and registered in the Netherlands in 1981
  • The first constitution was written in 1980 and amended in 1984
  • Board of trustees consists of a mix of professionals and entrepreneurs from  various walks  of life

What  are FCCIs  objectives

  • To identify, define and study critical issues  facing India and to work towards their long term, rational solutions
  • To mobilize moral,  intellectual  and financial resources of Indians abroad for the solution of critical problems facing India
  • To effectively project and promote general interests of  India and Indian Diaspora in the local communities

How do we achieve  these  objectives

  • By  instituting, undertaking and promoting studies, papers, discussions and conferences
  • By interacting  with  policymakers and opinion leaders
  • By supporting and working with  individuals and organizations engaged in the solution of critical issues concerning India
  • By arranging representation of Indians abroad in the democratic representational institutions in India

FCCI focus today

  • Respond effectively to changing times  with  the  Role of  India as  an emerging global power
  • New critical issues and new projects
  • Proactive role as a focal point
  • Synergetic co-operation with other like-minded organistions 
  • To involve younger generation of intellectuals in FCCI work


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Contact us

FCCI Secretary General:
Dr. Yamini J. Singh

  • Tel: +31 (0) 6 19 35 70 11



Marktplein 23
2132 DA Hoofddorp
The Netherlands