Diaspora conference to celebrate and evaluate 75 years of the Indian Republic


Date & time: Friday, May 24,   12 - 5pm CET

Location: Conferentiehotel Kontakt Der Kontinenten, 20 Amersfoortsestraat 3769 AS Soesterberg (google maps)

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India's journey as a republic has been a saga of resilience, progress, and global significance. As we mark the 75th anniversary of India's Republic, it is a momentous occasion to reflect on the nation's achievements and chart a course for its promising future. Against the backdrop of this historic diamond jubilee year, FCCI and FIDE jointly convene the International Conference to explore avenues for the potential of the Diaspora to accelerate the transition of India to become a developed nation by 2050. The proposed International Conference has the following themes: 

Theme I: India's Republic at 75: Reflections and the vision for 2050.

Theme II: India's transition towards a developed country

  • Possibilities and challenges
  • Harnessing Indian Diaspora's potential towards this goal.                

Join us as we come together to celebrate India's Republic at 75 and the vibrant tapestry of its diaspora. Through insightful talks and panel discussions from experts and prominent diaspora members, let us reaffirm our commitment to a shared future anchored in unity, diversity, and progress.





Registration/ Meet & Greet with walk-in lunch


General remarks by Masters of Ceremony


Opening – Lighting of the lamps and National AnthemFollowed by welcome address by Mr. Jasbir Singh, President FCCI & FIDE

Theme 1

India’s Republic at 75: Reflections and the Vision for 2050 


  • Theme presentation: ‘India's Republic at 75: Achievements and the Vision for 2050’ by Mr. Ram Lakhina, President Emeritus FCCI.
  • Inaugural address: ‘Journey of pride: 75 years of Indian Republic and the evolving diaspora relationship between the Netherlands & India’ by H.E. Mrs. Reenat Sandhu, Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • Address, ‘India and EU natural partners in transition of India towards developed nation status’ by Mr. Thijs Reuten, Member of the European Parliament, NL.
  • Address, ‘India’s transition towards a developed country – Possibilities and Challenges’ by H.E. Mr. Eric Niehe, Former Ambassador of the Netherlands to India.
  • Address, ‘Bridging Continents: The Crucial contribution of the Indian Diaspora in enhancing Relations between India, Netherlands and Suriname’ by H.E. Mr. Rajendre Khargi, Ambassador of Suriname to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Short break – Drinks/Snacks

Theme 2

India’s Transition Towards a Developed Country


·      Theme presentation ‘Harnessing the Indian Diaspora’s Power and Potential for India’s Development Vision 2050’ – By Ms. Subhadra Pathak, Trustee FCCI &    Mr. Hemant Mishra, Secretary General FIDE.

·      Panel discussion / Q&A session coordinated by Dr Pramod Agrawal, Vice President FCCI.


     Ms. Artie Ramsodiet, Member of Senate, NL

     Mr. Rabin Baldewsingh, Diaspora Community Leader, and National Coordinator against Discrimination & Racism, NL

    Prof. dr. Ajay Bailey, Chair of Social Urban Transitions, Utrecht University, NL

    Mr. Kalyan Guntuboyina, Expert in Agribusiness, Account Manager Asia, Wageningen University & Research, NL

    Mr. Ajay Gopikrishnan, Expert - Digital Transformation, NL


Closing remarks, Felicitations & vote of thanks by Mr. Badri Madan, Past President FCCI.


Tea/ Coffee/ Drinks


Masters of ceremony: Ms. Ritika Mehra & Ms. Suman Korenhof-Taneja (Director PR-FCCI)

Liaison Officer: Mr. Dave Gurnani, Vice President-Finance FCCI

Seminar Reporter: Mrs. Pranita Deshpande, Director of Publications FCCI

  • For general queries: Mr. Hemant Mishra, Secretary General FIDE ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. );
  • For networking queries: Ms. Suman Korenhof – Taneja, Director PR ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. );

For any other queries, Dr. Yamini J. Singh, Secretary general ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PS: The conference will start with a walk-in lunch including supplementary drinks and Borel at the end

Conference themes details:

1)  India’s Republic at 75: Reflections and the Vision for 2050:

Since the inception of India as a sovereign republic in 1950, India has undergone a remarkable transformation across various spheres from socio-economic development to technological advancements. As India approaches its 100th year of Republic in 2050, FCCI and FIDE envision a nation that stands as an inspiration for economic progress, a technology leader with ample human resources, practicing inclusivity, and sustainable development on the global stage. Our vision for India at 100 is built upon the foundational principles of democracy, diversity, and dignity for all, fostering a society where every citizen can thrive and contribute to the nation's collective prosperity. The per capita NNP since 1950 till today has evolved from less than 100 USD to nearly 2800 USD. By 2050, it is envisioned to grow this number to around 14000 USD putting India in the league of ‘Developed Nations’.  The conference will discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead for India and how the Dutch/EU and global Indian diaspora can contribute to this journey. Several strategic areas of high potential for India-EU cooperation are Trade, Science, Technology, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Development, Smart Agriculture, Mobility of skills, Water, Clean Energy, Climate Action, Smart Urbanization, etc. Some selected areas will be highlighted depending on the expertise of speakers and panelists

2)  India’s Transition Towards a Developed Country

  1. Possibilities and Challenges.
  2. Harnessing Indian Diaspora’s potential towards this goal.

In an increasingly interconnected world, India's global engagement has never been more crucial. The conference will serve as a platform to explore avenues for enhanced collaboration between India and its diaspora. Special focus is given to further strengthening the relationship of the Indian diaspora in the Netherlands/EU with India by identifying opportunities in the coming period FCCI/FIDE envisions a future of deeper engagement and mutual prosperity. In the conference, we will discuss what role the Indian diaspora & India can play in accelerating the transition towards a developed country.






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