Mrs. Gayatri Karri

Ms. Gayatri Karri

Mrs. Gayatri Karri is an IT professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Gayatri has worked for multinational companies and various International Organizations across Europe and India, including Tribunals in The Hague as well as IPSG in France. She played a pivotal role in implementing new programs globally, collaborating with several countries.

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Mr. Remy van Nieuwenhoven

Mr. Remy van Nieuwenhoven

Mr. Remy van Nieuwenhoven comes from a Dutch business family and has a business selling stationery and solar products. His brand Kalpa is the market leader for refill diaries in the Netherlands. The company sources many of its products and services from India. Being married to an Indian, he qualifies as an NRI since 2004 when he obtained his PIO-card.

He has done Management Administration at Nijenrode University and specialized in marketing. Prior to Kalpa, he was a product manager at Friesland and a product developer at Reaal. In 1991, he and his wife set up Kalpa which has been flourishing since.

He has a personal interest in India and has been involved with FCCI events even before becoming an official trustee.

Mr. Rajiv Mehra

Mr. Rajiv Mrhara

Mr. Rajiv Mehra studied Hotel Management in India and now owns and operates two hotels in Amsterdam and has business interests in the USA.

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Mr. Akbal Mohamed

Mr. Akbal Mohamed

Mr. Akbal Mohamed was a Farmer, where he learned how to use the earth economically. As an entrepreneur, he also applies that in the companies that he supervises. Furthermore, his slogan is: share the knowledge you with others.

Dr. Vimal Chopra , Director of Trustee Affairs

Dr. Vimal Chopra

Dr. Vimal Chopra, MD, PhD, FRCA is the Section Head of the department of Anesthesiology, LUMC, Leiden.

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