Ms. Prerana Raidurg

Ms. Prerana RaidurgMs. Prerana Raidurg  is a designer and product developer specializing in the domain of knitwear. Currently, Prerana is pursuing a master's degree in Innovative Textile Development at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

 Her profound interest in innovation, circularity, and sustainable product development underscores her unwavering dedication to advancing the field of textiles. In conjunction with her professional pursuits, Prerana wholeheartedly advocates for equitable remuneration and improved working conditions for factory laborers based in Asia. Her resolute commitment to effecting positive change is prominently demonstrated through her active participation in raising awareness pertaining to socio-political matters within India. Prerana's profound enthusiasm for Indian politics, coupled with her engaged involvement with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), has afforded her the opportunity to make substantial contributions to local weaving communities, with a specific focus on hand looms.





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